Marriage of Mashfield Mason and Ann Bailey Moore

Photo: Mashfield Mason and Ann Bailey Moore Marriage Certificate

The internet is truly the ultimate source for information and as I continued my research into our past, my excitement grew. It was when I found a marriage notice in the online archives of the Sydney Monitor and Commercial Advertiser dated Monday 17 August 1840 that I knew I was onto something big. Mashfield Mason and Ann Bailey Moore were married by the Reverend William Cowper at St Philip’s Church in Sydney on the 15 August 1840. Raven Moore Mason? There had to be a connection.

I barely slept that night and the following morning I was on the phone to St Philip’s Church to find out if they had any birth, marriage and death records from the 1800s. They did and a few days later I was sitting in St Philip’s in the middle of Sydney, wearing the required white gloves and poring over the original records of our newly discovered Australian ancestors.


Me at St Philip’s Church Sydney

The original marriage certificate of Mashfield Mason and Ann Bailey Moore was there and baptism records showed that Mashfield and Ann had had two children – a son Raven Moore Mason who was born on the 7 May 1841 and a second son Arthur Brookland Mason born on the 17 November 1842. Mashfield and Ann Mason were indeed our 2nd great-grandparents!


Baptism Certificate – Raven Moore Mason


Baptism Certificate – Arthur Brookland Mason

How had they met? Were they both born in Australia, or had Ann come with Mashfield to Australia and married him here? Or perhaps Mashfield had met her in Sydney?

My search continued…

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