A Catch-up at Moore’s Wharf

Photo: Margo, Robert, their daughter Sarah and me at Moore's Wharf Both Robert and I decided that meeting at the 'front door of our family Bond Store at Moore’s Wharf' would be the appropriate place to meet in Sydney. Robert and Margo would be there and their daughter Sarah would also be joining us. Steve and … Continue reading A Catch-up at Moore’s Wharf

Meeting Anthony Bailey Moore’s great-grandson

Photo: Professor Robert Ouvrier, his wife Margo and me - 23 January 2017 In October 2016, I was on the internet once again hoping to find another Moore thread to follow on my Australian Past journey. I found a leaflet which piqued my interest that described an illustrated talk given by Professor Robert Ouvrier about … Continue reading Meeting Anthony Bailey Moore’s great-grandson

Moore/Mason Homes in Lower Fort Street, Dawes Point, Sydney

Photo: No 37, Lower Fort Street, Dawes Point, Sydney circa 1961 (Courtesy of Dawes Point is situated north-west of Sydney's CBD next to Miller's Point and just below the Harbour Bridge. During the early to mid 1800s it became a thriving maritime metropolis and it's where both my second and third great-grandparents established their … Continue reading Moore/Mason Homes in Lower Fort Street, Dawes Point, Sydney

Final Resting Place

Photo: The Moores Family Plot The Camperdown Cemetery is situated in the centre of Newtown, a densely populated inner-city suburb of Sydney. It shares the same area as St Stephen's Anglican Church and covers an area of approximately four acres. It is a listed property with the Heritage Council of NSW as an important national … Continue reading Final Resting Place

Help from a stranger

Sometimes it's help from a complete stranger that sets you off in another direction. By March 2015 I had spent considerable time researching my Australian family but seemed to have hit an information wall. A bit of lateral thinking and lots of luck lead me to an online bookshop and to a book written by … Continue reading Help from a stranger

David Moore, another 2nd great-uncle (1824-1898)

Image: David Moore - courtesy of the State Library Victoria David was the fourth son of Captain Joseph and Ann Moore. He was born in Sydney on the 4 February 1824. After completing school, David joined the firm Walker & Co and soon became recognised as an astute businessman. He moved to Melbourne (then known … Continue reading David Moore, another 2nd great-uncle (1824-1898)

Henry Moore, a 2nd great-uncle (1815-1888)

Image: Mr and Mrs Henry Moore of Carrara (Strickland House), Rose Bay, between 1880-1888/ photographer Freeman & Co. courtesy of State Library NSW What a treasure trove of information! We took copies of the ship's logs and other documents in the box, and the box was weighed by the librarian when we handed it back. Clearly, … Continue reading Henry Moore, a 2nd great-uncle (1815-1888)

The box

Photo: Woodlark Brig - leather-bound ship's log The National Library was a hive of activity but everyone seemed to respect the significance of this historical building and communication was barely audible. All that did for me was to heighten my excitement and Steve smiled and squeezed my hand. We were directed to the microfiche archives … Continue reading The box

Ann Bailey Moore

Photo: Ann Bailey Moore Birth Certificate My search for further records in the St Philip's Church records continued. I couldn't believe my luck when I found the birth certificate of Ann Bailey Moore. She was born in Sydney on the 24 June, 1822. She was the daughter of Joseph and Ann Moore and she was my … Continue reading Ann Bailey Moore

Marriage of Mashfield Mason and Ann Bailey Moore

Photo: Mashfield Mason and Ann Bailey Moore Marriage Certificate The internet is truly the ultimate source for information and as I continued my research into our past, my excitement grew. It was when I found a marriage notice in the online archives of the Sydney Monitor and Commercial Advertiser dated Monday 17 August 1840 that … Continue reading Marriage of Mashfield Mason and Ann Bailey Moore